Creating Wellness, Joy, Healing and Personal Enrichment in the lives of  our Communities through  Live Musical Entertainment!

Volunteers Needed!  Experience and Support our Mission by working behind the scenes of a Live Musical Event!  Submit Your Letter of Interest to: BronteRomanFoundationInc@Gmail.com

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Dear Friends.. 

As a full-time Pop & Contemporary Vocalist and Bandleader for over a decade, I am so honored and excited to share my dream of establishing the Bronte Roman Foundation Inc. in May 2024!

As President and CEO, of BRF,, we are an American 501 (c)(3) Not for Profit Organization dedicated to providing Live Musical Entertainment in New York State and all of our neighboring Communities, with a mission of Healing, Enrichment, Wellness and Joy through Live Musical Entertainment! I will streamline ideas that are well positioned to make the most impact to our audience & to expand upon the integration of our goal & vision. 

Please consider Sponsoring my newest and exciting Concert Event to be held on Saturday July 27, 2024..  10 Piece Live Band, Live Light Show and Professional Ballroom Dancers from Saratoga Studios!  Thank you for your generous support of Live Music.. 

Bronte - 833-6 BRONTE

Join Us!

Consider participating on our Board-At-Large Members,
Submit your Letter of Interest to: BronteRomanFoundationInc@Gmail.com

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  • The power of Live Music Inspire's and Motivate's people to  thrive  and achieve personal success by the impact they experience hearing music and being connected with communities.


To Achieve our Mission, it will be measured by our Uplifting and Inspirational Musical Events to be held throughout the Year with a special focus on celebrating our
Veterans, Seniors, Children and our Hispanic Community!
  • GROW - Collaborate and Partner with Leaders and Organizations that seek to Connect Communities using Musical Entertainment to change lives!
  • IMPACT Memorable Musical Events leave an impact of healing and enrichment that promotes and reinforces social change in communities to bond with others and seek the pursuit of happiness.
  • AMPLIFY - Streamline ideas through social media, press and radio to build "voices of unity"  to spread the excitement and joy these events produce for all.